Specialty Matting

Make your next framing project unique and personalized using specialty mat cuts.

These custom additions take your design to the next creative level, and the possibilities are virtually endless! Raised mats can give a viewer a sense of depth, while embossed bevels can add just the right finishing touch. V-grooves can be dramatic and eye-catching, or serve to unify a grouping of items. Using v-grooves cut into mats, we can personalize your project with names, line-based images, or color-based patterns. Our matting is available in a wide range of colors and textures to complement your framing design.

Sports Memorabilia & Cards

A v-groove baseball diamond image links the baseball card grouping together.

Canes Sports Memorabilia

Diagonal stripes of color cut into the matting produces a dramatic effect.


This collage features a unifying v-groove as well as custom lettering.

Frame Your College Memorabilia!

Specialty Mat Cuts can be used to show off coordinating school colors.

We can frame all styles of photography, from contemporary shots to formal portraits.

We can hand-wrap mats with fabric and add raised bevels for a truly custom look.

Custom Lettering can make amazing college memorabilia!

Custom Lettering can make amazing college memorabilia!

Personalize your framing with custom lettering!

Personalize your framing with custom lettering – add a name for a special touch.

Shadowbox Framing is a great way to preserve all kinds of keepsake objects.

Raised mats can give the viewer a sense of depth as if they are looking through a window.